INDIN 2023 - Industry Forum

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    Industry Forum
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    Sustainable Industry
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    Sustainable City

“INDIN 2023 - Industry Forum”

Sustainability – Special challenges in industry

Industry Forum Co-Chairs:

Anja Moldehn
Centrum industrial IT, Germany

Roman Dumitrescu
itsOWL, Fraunhofer IEM, Paderborn University, Germany

Mikael Gidlund
Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Technology will help to combat climate change - over 80% of the world's population is now convinced of this. So are we!

The companies in our region play a leading role in the implementation of sustainable solutions. As part of INDIN, the Industry Forum offers the opportunity to get to know them through examples from industry.

Learn in practical presentations which topics are currently being worked on and which technologies are already successfully in use. Artificial intelligence, 5G or digital twins - sustainability and economic efficiency go hand in hand. Gain insight and use the presentations and the exchange with experts and peers to set the right course for the future with impulses from manufacturing and product development.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein, Physicist

The Centrum Industrial IT at the Innovation Campus Lemgo offers the appropriate setting to understand the special challenges of industry. Here, companies and research institutions come together in one building. Since 2010, the CIIT has been promoting close cooperation between industry and science with inspiration for both sides.

A visit to the newly opened Future Food Factory OWL closes the day with an insight into the research center for digital transformation in food technology. Together with partner companies, innovative technologies and individual solutions are developed, researched and demonstrated here.